The Soul Connect Process


1. Get soulfully centered

We cannot create the solution

at the level of the problem -Deepak Chopra


2. Identify stuck spaces that are holding you back and how to break free.


Hey There

Ready to work together? After helping hundreds of clients reach new levels in their careers, lives, and relationships we have developed a method that is used in our Soul Connect Mentorship program, Soulful Coaching Intensive, Business/Career coaching, Group Intensives, and Retreats. We would love to work with you to support you in whatever it is you are looking to find, shift, or change.

3. Focus on your strengths to achieve what you are looking to accomplish.

In school, you are graded on every test—even if it's your weakest subject.

In life, you can choose the tests you take—even if they always play to your strengths.

Maintain a baseline so your weak areas don't hold you back, but design your life so you are graded on your strengths.”

- James Clear


4. Live, create, and grow from a space of alignment.

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4. Live, create, and grow from a space of alignment, intention, and clarity.